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28 February 2014 - Homeside Reduces Fixed Rates

Effective Friday, 28th February, Homeside reduces its 2, 3 and 5 year fixed rates by up to 0.10% p.a. Check out the rates in iLend™.


27 February 2014 - Westpac reduces fixed rates; St George’s new Basic Home Loan offer; Homeloans’ new Classic product

Westpac reduces 2 and 3 year fixed rates
Effective 25th February, Westpac reduced their 2 and 3 year fixed rates by up to 0.05% p.a. 


27 February 2014 - The Co-operative Bank New Rate Lock, and ANZ Increases Fixed Rates

Effective Monday, 24th February, The Co-operative Bank introduced a new Fixed Rate Lock option for customers taking out new lending. At the same time, the Fixed Rate Hold option will no longer be offered by the bank.


17 February 2014 - ASB Special 2 Year Fixed

Effective, 14th February 2014, ASB introduced a special 2 year fixed rate of 5.95% p.a. This applies to new and existing home loans with a maximum LVR of 80%.


14 February 2014 - Westpac Fixed Rate Changes

Effective 14th February, 2014, Westpac increased their 1 year fixed rates by 0.10% p.a. and at the same time reduced their 3 year fixed rate by 0.26% p.a. Check out the new rates in iLend™.


11 February 2014 - Westpac 3 Year Fixed Rate

Effective 11th February, 2014, Westpac reduced its 3 year fixed rates by 0.01% p.a.


10 February 2014 - New Nationalcorp Products for Resimac

Nationalcorp is now a mortgage manager for Resimac and have added new products.


10 February 2014 - NAB and Homeside 3 Year Fixed Rates

Effective Monday, 10th February, NAB and Homeside Lending reduced their 3 year fixed rates by 0.01% p.a.


7 February 2014 - ANZ, Heritage Bank and AMP Fixed Rates

Effective Friday, 7th February, Heritage Bank increased their 2 year fixed rate by 0.10% p.a. The Broker Financial Assessment was updated to reflect the change.


6 February 2014 - Capture your Client Data Directly into iLend™

We are all looking for ways to save time, work smarter and more efficiently. If we were only 5% more efficient, think of the additional output we could achieve – or the additional family time we could be enjoying. Early mark anybody?

A big constraint for many brokers is the time dedicated to ‘paper pushing’ and ‘form filling’. As a Finware client you now have the opportunity to integrate our iForms solution – to minimise this effort.


6 February 2014 - OFFER - Order iNews and receive RBA Alert FREE

Your customers are checking their email all day, every day.  So an email newsletter is a sure way to reach your clients, post settlement.    If you are looking for an inexpensive, consistent and professional touch point for your clients, email marketing just plain works. 

Most brokers at one time or another have considered the option of sending newsletters to their clients, but still so many clients don’t have a measurable, consistent communication channel in place.   Email newsletters simply work.  


6 February 2014 - iLend™ CSS Released!

As we promised the beta version of iLend™ CSS has been released! The release is a staged release starting with our user group/champions and then moving on to clients who have expressed an interest in being part of the testing, feedback and release program. Please contact us if you are keen to be involved.

For those who don’t know what iLend™ CSS is – where have you been? iLend™ CSS is our internal code-name for the new online iLend™. CSS stands for ‘clean’, ‘simple’ and ‘sexy’. These are the key objectives of the new online iLend™ – iLend™ CSS. We are trying to ensure the screens are clean, the process is simple and that we add a few sexy features.


5 February 2014 - ANZ Policy Updates

ANZ updated their policies around residential Turn Key and construction applications.


4 February 2014 - Loan Avenue’s Special Variable Rate

Effective Monday, 3rd February, Loan Avenue introduced a special Basic Premium Variable rate of 5.01% p.a. with 100% offset.


3 February 2014 - Homeloans Fixed Rate Reduction and Westpac PAP Offer

Effective Monday, 3rd February, Homeloans reduced its 1, 4 and 5 year fixed rates by 0.10% as per the table below.


17 December 2013 - Website Looking Tired?

A website is not a ‘set and forget’ solution – is it time that your website had an overhaul?

Many businesses treat their website as a ‘set and forget’ solution. Unfortunately website designs, images, layouts and colours need to change and your business needs to keep pace.

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