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8 March 2013 - Making the Most of Insurance

Whether it's for your car, your health or your life, the right insurance can make a lot of difference when something unexpected comes your way. While most Australians insure their home and contents, many are uninsured on other fronts. Read on to take a look at some of the types of insurance you may wish to consider.


1 March 2013 - Are you making the most of depreciation?

Depreciation can be an attractive factor for an investor purchasing a new home. However, those that invest in older homes, or already own a home as an investment, can benefit from savings too.

Over time, some elements of an investment property decline in value. In line with this, the ATO allows for claims of depreciation to be made on investment properties yearly, possibly reducing any income tax paid by the property owner.


22 February 2013 - The Rise of Green Urban Spaces

The design and management of green urban spaces has become an important issue around the world. From rooftop and community gardens through to the development of environmental precincts and sustainable cities, the urban ideal is becoming increasingly green. With consequences for building, lifestyle, and productivity, the green agenda is causing some of the most profound changes to urban policy around the world.


15 February 2013 - The Top Apps for Keeping Fit

Many are forsaking the gym in favour of exercise at home, with the help of their smart phone. Be it for motivation, help with technique or simple accountability, support for a healthy lifestyle now comes in a digital form, on smart phones and other compatible devices via a range of applications aimed at helping users reach their goals. Just how does this approach work, and is it a viable method of getting fit?


8 February 2013 - The Peaceful Icelandic Revolution

Have you heard about the peaceful revolution that has been taking place in Iceland over the last five years? If you answered no, you are certainly not alone. This revolution was virtually ignored by mainstream media, despite the novelty of what took place and the potential consequences for the rest of the world. During the financial turmoil of 2008 and 2009, the economy of Iceland failed in a big way. However, instead of bailing out the banks and blaming the economic climate, the people of Iceland came together and initiated some very big changes.

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