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30 May 2014 - Westpac Fixed Rate Specials

Effective 30th May, Westpac in New Zealand introduced two new special fixed rates and reduced some of their existing fixed rates.


30 May 2014 - ING and Homeloans Fixed Rate Update

Effective 30th May, ING Direct and Homeloans reduced some of their fixed rates by up to 0.15% p.a.


27 May 2014 - SBS Fixed Rate Update

Effective 27th May, SBS Bank increased their 6 and 12 month fixed rates by up to 0.15% p.a.


26 May 2014 - Homeloans Accelerate Prime Rates

Effective 26th May, Homeloans increased their Accelerate Prime rates by 0.10% p.a. The rate increase applies to full doc home loans with an LVR greater than 80%.


23 May 2014 - ASB and Sovereign Fixed Rates

Effective 23rd May, ASB and Sovereign reduced their 1 year fixed rate by 0.10% p.a. and also introduced a Special 2 year fixed rate of 5.89% p.a.


19 May 2014 - Homeloans Ultra 2 Year Fixed Rates

Effective 19th May, Homeloans reduced their Ultra 2 year fixed rates by 0.05% p.a.


19 May 2014 - ANZ Fixed Rate Update

Effective 19th May ANZ in New Zealand updated some of their fixed rates with increases by up to 0.26% p.a. and reductions by 0.30% p.a.


15 May 2014 - Homeloans Fixed Rate Update

Effective 15th May, Homeloans Ltd reduced their MoniPower 3 year fixed and ProSmart variable rates by up to 0.10% p.a.


13 May 2014 - SBS Fixed Rate Update

Effective 13th May, SBS Bank reduced its 3 and 5 year fixed rates by up to 0.20% p.a.


9 May 2014 - Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank Rate Discounts

Effective 9th May, Bankwest changed the discount rate for their Double Deal Home Loan. The discount off the Standard Variable rate will reduce to 0.96% p.a. 


9 May 2014 - Westpac 3 Year Special

Effective 9th May, Westpac in New Zealand launched a new 3 year fixed Special at 6.25%.


7 May 2014 - RESIMAC Fixed Rates on Prime Products

Effective 7th May, RESIMAC Home Loans in New Zealand increased their fixed rates across all Prime products.


6 May 2014 - Better Mortgage Management and Homeloans Launch New Products

Better Mortgage Management (BMM) released their new Ultimate Alt Doc product from 5.39% p.a. This is ideal of self employed borrowers with easier and user friendly income verification.


6 May 2014 - SBS Floating Rate Change

Effective 6th May, SBS Bank in New Zealand increased their floating rates by 0.25% p.a. Check out the new rates in iLend™.


2 May 2014 - Several Lenders Update Fixed Rates

Effective 2nd May, several lenders in New Zealand have taken to a number of changes to their fixed and floating rates, including ASB, Westpac and Sovereign.


1 May 2014 - Westpac and Resimac Rate Updates

Effective 1st May, a couple of the lenders in New Zealand have updated their rates. Westpac introduced a new 4 year fixed special, and Resimac increased their variable rates following the Reserve Bank’s increase to the Official Cash Rate.


30 April 2014 - ASB and Sovereign Variable Rate Change

Effective 30th April, ASB and Sovereign increased their variable rates by 0.25% p.a. for new home loans

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