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31 October 2014 - iLend™ CSS Release Update

Our new iLend™ ‘CSS’ is nearing completion. Yes, I know, it’s a little behind schedule but it is software, and delays are an unfortunate fact in software development – we’ve had to keep our current iLend™ up to pace with lender changes at the same time develop our new system in the online environment…and those silly browser folk wouldn’t consider sharing the same language…that would be too easy. 


31 October 2014 - Citibank, Homeloans and Macquarie Bank Rate Movements

This week we’ve seen a few rate changes by Citibank, Homeloans and Macquarie Bank. Citibank reduced their four and five year fixed rates by 31 basis points effective Monday, 27th October. Homeloans Ltd on the other hand reduced their Ultra and MoniPower variable rates by up to 10 basis points and, at the same time, increased their Ultra variable (for home loans with greater than 80 percent LVR) and Ultra Lo Doc rates by up to 10 basis points. Macquarie Bank reduced their one, two, three and five year fixed rates by 10 basis points, and reduced their two year fixed rates by 5 basis points.


30 October 2014 - The Co-operative Bank Update Fixed Rates

Effective 29th October, reduced their 18 month, 2 year and 3 year fixed rates by up to 14 basis points.


30 October 2014 - Lender Maxcap Update

Straight from the team whiteboard to you!

Currently the Finware team are working on updating some existing calculators, including Heritage Bank and Citibank for Australian iLend™ databases and ANZ for the New Zealand iLend™ databases.


30 October 2014 - Engaging Customers Online

Finware has leveraged our eight (8) years of experience providing website solutions to our clients and identified the Top 8 Online Engagement strategies that you can use on your website. We even included a bonus suggestion!


29 October 2014 - Lenders Reduce Fixed Rates

A few lenders in New Zealand reduced their fixed rates in the last week days. Westpac and ASB reduced their special two fixed rates by 24 basis points, and The Co-operative Bank reduced their one and two year fixed rates by up to 25 basis points.

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